Terms and Conditions


  1. 1. Milk delivery will be daily unless otherwise discussed.
  2. 2. Estimated time of delivery will be given once we have established which route you will slot into.
  3. 3. Admin staff will phone before 12 noon the day before to request the following days order.
  4. 4. Orders may also be submitted via e-mail orders [at] willowvalleydairyfarm.co.za
  5. 5. Minimum of 20 litres to be ordered at a time.



  1. 1. COD unless otherwise discussed.
  2. 2. Internet payment also available, please request banking details when placing your order.
  3. 3. Proof of payment to be sent to:
  4. admin [at] willowvalleydairyfarm.co.za

    Fax number: 012 736 2087


Things to Remember

  • In the South African climate our products need to be in a fridge at all times.
  • If you receive more than 1 delivery a week please make sure that you rotate the product.
  • We do not accept milk/by-product returns unless it is a customer complaint or there is a leaking/damaged container.
  • Any product problems should be discussed with the ADMIN OFFICE - Lenette, Kate or Suzan - before returning any products)
  • We do NOT accept expired milk/by-products